Verein zu Förderung von Kunst und Kultur

Event NO W HERE #2

Wir, der Verein NO W HERE e.V. freuen uns einige Bilder der Künstler und Künstlerinnen von unserem Event NO W HERE #2 zu zeigen, vom Performance Spaziergang durch die Altstadt von Goslar sowie der Fotoausstellung im MachMitHaus! in Goslar.

Wir danken allen, die uns bei der Verwirklichung dieses Projektes unterstützt haben. Und natürlich besonders den Künstlerinnen und Künstlern.

We, NO W HERE e.V. association for the promotion of art and culture, are happy to present some pictures of our event NO W HERE #2 in Goslar, Germany with lovely artists, a Performance walk through the city and photo exhibition at MachMit!Haus Goslar.

A big thank you to all the artists who participated in the NO W HERE #2 event:

Marita Bullmann, Dagmar Glausnitzer-Smith, István Kovács, Imre Dénes, Mongkol Plienbangchang, AOr Nopavan Sirivejkul, Boat Sutasinsee Kansomdee, Alan Schacher. And everybody who supported us.

All fotos below by Madleine Franke


Marita Bullmann

Marita Bullmann (*1982)

is a performance, installation and photographic artist who lives and works in Essen.

She studied photography at the Folkwang University of the Arts in Essen and performance art at the Bezalel Academy of Art and Design in Jerusalem.

In 2011 she completed her studies with distinction.

Since 2006 Marita has been showing her artistic work throughout Europe, Israel, Russia, Asia, North- and South America. For this she received travel grants from the Kunststiftung NRW, Goethe Institute and the Ministry for Culture and Science of the federal state of NRW.

Together with other artists, she founded the Aktionslabor PAErsche in 2011. Since 2013 she has been the organizer and curator of the performance art platform INTERVAL in Essen. 2022 she founded the on- and offline network platform for art spaces and initiatives in the Ruhr region.

Dagmar Glausnitzer-Smith

Dagmar I. Glausnitzer-Smith

born in Braunschweig, Germany 1957 lives and works in Braunschweig, Studio Werftraum.

Graduated from Royal College of Art London in 2000 (MA) and Goldsmiths‘ College London in 1994 (BA). 2000-2003 Picker Fellowship Award Kingston University. Germany 2005-2010, Art foundation‚ kunstwirkstoff’ organizing international Performance Art Workshops/Residencies, event organization transitstation London 2003, Berlin 2005, Edinburgh 2006, Copenhagen 2010. 2002 – 2017 Senior Lecturer Kingston University, London specializing in Performance Art, 2017 – 2019 guidance for artists with physical, mental limitations.


2020 Ilka Theurich, Hannover, Live Performance + 1 Viewer – over mapped purge –  

2020 on-line participation 22. IMAF, Multi-media Art Festival

2020 Braunschweig Collaboration, Action for the camera – released grounds –

2020 E.KA.TE selected Artist-Residency Cyprus, Nicosia, Live presentations

2021 Braunschweig Public Projection, transitstation 2021 voice #1 

2021 Kunstraum Goethe, Goethe-Institut Nicosia, Exhibition and Installation

2022 ABDRUCK exhibition, installation, Braunschweig Werftraum

2022 Open Art Freiburg, Live Performance

2022 Overlapping Kassel, – parallel to documenta 15, Live Performances

2023 Facilitation of Performance Art Workshop, Blue Mountains, Springwood, Australia

Online Event Participations:

Bbeyond IR, INAP 2020 NYC – Striding Bodies, HexxyDuxxy BOX – INDIA, OBLAK – INDIA, PEPA – SPAIN, Rewind Jakarta INDONESIA – online lecture/performances, transitstation 2021 initiating online projects Voice #1, Voice#2, Voice #3,  since beginning of global pandemic 2020 – Lock Unlock Performance Art Project, 8 international Artists meet 3 guest artists Lock Unlock Performance Art Project, 2022 PAB, Lecture, Bergen Norway, 2022 OUTOFSITE, Lecture/Interview, Chicago USA

Live Performance Art, Installations and Exhibitions in USA, Germany, UK, France, Scotland, Denmark, Austria, New Zealand, Cyprus, Finland, Greece, China, Serbia, Netherlands, India, Hong Kong, Italy, Spain, Canada, Bangladesh, Turkey, Australia

[email protected]

István Kovács

born 1964 in Hungary started doing performance in 1988. I regularly participate in international performance festivals.

István Kovács (1964) has worked with performance art for 35 years and is known as one of the major performance artists from central Europe. In his work Kovács focuses on the physical body, the flesh and blood, life, and death, without forgetting the role played by the mind.

His work may be physical, he can be naked, and his body covered in paint or wrapped in materials such as plastic film, or cellophane, but his work always has a conceptual stance. Creating live images with an existential twist, Kovács analyzes the implications of being human, of life, birth, and rebirth. He gives focus on how contemporary man related others fundamental issues interacting with artificial as well as natural materials. Humor and irony are often part of his very large and liberating palette of expression. Lives and works in Monor, Hungary.

(Jonas Stampe, Infraction 9)

Imre Dénes

born 1954 in Budapest, lives in Monor (Hungary)

He is doing performances, paintings, and installations. In 2003 he did his first performance. Imre Denes is founder (2011) and editor of PLT (Plateau) live-art ‚zin a private publishing fanzine about live art and performance art.

Selection of important international performance festivals:

2006,2010,2015,2016,2017,2018,2020,2021 Transart Communication, Budapest-Nove Zamky, (HU-SK) (curated by Jozsef R Juhasz)

201, 2022 Objects of Desire – Budapest (curated by Kathleen Meyts Coba)

2012 FRICTION International Performance Art Festival in Uppsala, SE, (Curated by SU-EN)

2012 Ephemeral-fixed, Lodz, Poland, (Curated by Malgorzata Kazmierczak)

2009 Performance beHandlungsraum – Kassel (D) (curated by die Orbitale)

2009 „My Land, Staglinec“ Koprivnica (HR) (curated by Vlasta Delimar)

2007 „The 2nd International Festival In The Context Of Art/ The Differences“ Warsaw (PL) (curated by Bartek Lukasiewitz)

2006 14th Castle Of Imagination, Schloss Broellin (D), Szczecin (PL) 2006 (curated by Wladislaw Kazmierczak)

2005 [peti] dani horvatskog performancea festival – Varazdin (HR) 2005 (curated by Ivan Mesek)

He performs on different Hungarian festivals or events, several times a year. Sometimes alone at home or near to my locality.

Mongkol Plienbangchang

born 1965 Bangkok Thailand is a Thai performance artist starting out since 1995. He has performed and exhibited internationally at various institutes and festivals including Galerie Koppelmann Kunstwerk Nippes at Koln Germany, Days of Performance Art in Lviv, Ukraine, 4 Directions from Asia at Grace exhibition space New York, and Residency program Quebec/Bangkok Exchange at Le Lieu Art centre. And Performancear o Morir in Chichuahua, Mexico and Festival Internacional de Performance in Guanajuato, Mexico. Beyond his performance artistry, he is also a founding member with Aor Nopawan Sirivejkul of the performance art event blurborders International performance art eXchange’.

Plienbangchang considers himself am alternative artist and an artist activist. In his works, he addresses the many social problems that has arisen in the age of Anthropocene. Plienbangchang’s performances is characterised using both his body and objects to transform the space in between the chaotic society, politics, poaching and interactions. His performances can be compared to the life of poetry, one which, shifts and changes with time and space and spectacular decline. For Plienbangchang, performance art is a venue where one can find “Freedom of expression,” Freedom of perception,” and “Freedom of introspective and imagination”.

AOr Nopavan Sirivejkul

born 1968 Bangkok, Thailand is a Thai performance artist born and based in Bangkok. She is considered to be one of the most dedicated and active Thai performance artists. She has conceptualized and organized her own performance art event in Bangkok with Mongkol Plienbangchang called ‘blurborders International performance art eXchange’. She used to be a Project manager of ASIATOPIA since 2008 till 2017.

In 2007 she has supported from The Office of contemporary Art and Culture, Ministry of culture Thailand to exhibit her work in Poland and in 2013 supported from Bangkok Art and Culture Centre to participate performance art event at Israel and 2016 she has been selected as one of the artists participating in the exchange Bangkok / Quebec in Quebec City Canada from Bangkok Art and Culture Centre. Recently She was invited to Bangkok Art Biennale 2022 to show her Photo and video. And live performance art. She has also been invited to perform in Japan, Korea, China, Mexico, Germany, Ukraine, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, and Southeast Asian countries.

Her practice on various mediums ranging from photography to performance often contains mixed stories of both beauty and dryness in life and criticizes humanity’s violence and alienating impulses.

Boat Sutasinsee Kansomdee

born 1987 in Chiang Mai Thailand

Sutasinee lives and works in Chiang Mai. She graduated From the Faculty of Fine Arts, Chiang Mai University in Printmaking in 2011. In 2021 she graduated at Chiang Mai University with a master’s degree in visual arts.

The media she works with are printmaking, mixed media installation, video, and performance art. Sutasinee is inspired by daily life and uses her art to research the various way of human expression. Creating art in the public space is important for her to connect to different people and to share their stories.

Performance art is a tool to Challenge the way we think about social issues, and it can help to strengthen the community Boat collaborates with many other artists. She is part of the Chiang Mai performance art group and recently opened a new collective art space with the name; Thama which means to do or not to do. Boat performance Art is related to the line of power and the limitation of power that occurs in the history of art.

Alan Schacher

born Sydney 1952, lives in The Blue Mountains, Australia.

A performance creator and artist working at the intersection of dance, installation, theatre and architecture, his works address the essence of site, employing materials that perform in relation to and with the body. Driven by his post-Holocaust legacy, he proposes diaspora as a contemporary condition that calls to question any possibility of home-land. His works evoke imaginary histories and rituals for place and time. He employs collaboration and improvisation as essential methods and is committed to engagement with the fields of contemporary Asian arts practices. The founder of Sydney performance ensembles Gravity Feed and Gravity Research Institute, he currently works solo and in duet with partner WeiZen Ho.

Major projects in 2022 were:

Evaporative Body, Multiplying Body, (with WeiZen Ho) a commission for The Keir Choreographic Award, performed at Dancehouse, Melbourne and Carriageworks, Sydney

Black ST/Reamer, dynamic installation on Kandos Museum’s rooftop for Cementa22 Arts Festival, Kandos NSW Australia